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Northern California Lemon Law Attorney

The California Lemon Law

If you have a problem vehicle, including motorcycle, motorhome, travel trailer or 5th wheel, put us to work for you!  Having been in and around the auto industry since 1992, we can help guide you through the process from start to finish.

When evaluating a case for lemon law, we are very specific with what we ask for from you.  We recognize that you have a bad car.  You have had enough stress already - we want to make it simple. 

The California Lemon Law applies to more than just vehicles.  We have helped consumers with a variety of goods, well beyond cars and trucks, to include:

  • Windows

  • Appliances

  • Solar Panels

  • BBQ grills

  • Electronics

  • If you purchased a consumer good and it does not operate correctly, then it could be covered under the California Lemon Law.  It costs you nothing to have us evaluate your claim.

  1. What are typical remedies?

    • Repurchase of the vehicle, replacement of the vehicle, or a cash settlement where you retain the vehicle.

  2. What does it cost to retain an attorney?

    • Nothing up front.All work is done on a contingency basis, and if we are not successful you owe nothing.If the vehicle is repurchased or replaced, the manufacturer will pay our fees in addition to your compensation.If the manufacturer offers a cash settlement, fees are included in that amount.

  3. I have read about an “offset for use.” What is that?

    • When a manufacturer repurchases, or replaces your vehicle under the lemon law, they are entitled to an “offset for use.”This amount is calculated using a formula found in the Civil Code, and is based on the FIRST time you brought the car in for repair of the nonconformity necessitating the repurchase – not the current mileage.I will estimate that amount for you after I review your documents.

  4. What other documents will you need?

    • Some manufacturers will ask for “release of lien information,” and current mileage.If your vehicle is financed, and a repurchase determination is made, then we will need to provide an account history of your loan(s), and a payoff with per diem.Because this information is perishable, I do not collect it from you now.(You will make at least one more payment during this process).

  5. How long does it take?

    • This varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.At best, you are typically looking at 45 days from the time we start to the time you are surrendering the vehicle.At worst (meaning we have to file a lawsuit), the process can take years.MOST cases are wrapped up within 2 months, but this is not a guarantee of how your case will go.

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